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Raining Metal from the Sky - A Titanfall Review

            Zipping around the battlefield, running on one wall, jumping to another just to keep running. Trying to out run the giant mech unleashing a full torrent of 1.6 inch slugs from an XO-16 Chaingun. You get up and over the building, use your stim and run back towards the Titan. You jump onto him and start ripping off the armor covering the brain of this goliath machine. This is just one of the many adrenaline fueled moments of this game. Titanfall’s constant action is rarely interupted, from the on ground encounters with AI to the roof top battles with Pilots, from trying to escape the onslaught of a Titan to the overwhelming feeling of complete badass from taking on multiple Titans, Titanfall has few moments that fall short of amazing. But this isn’t a perfect game, not even close.
             The game’s focus is to bring balance to a David vs the Goliath world, and they do this exceptionally well. The game lacks over powered weapons or one sided perks. The problem with this? The weapons feel the same. You don’t feel like the assault rifle does more damage than the smg, unless you’re further away. The tier one kits don’t seem very effective unless using them against Titans or AI. Using the cloak against other players and they can still see you almost as clear as day, but you use it against a Titan and suddenly you’re invisible. With that the game is still balanced though. It gives David an advantage to take on Goliath. The main downside to is the damper effect of making you feel like the ultimate Goliath while in a titan.
               The other area of balance in the game is with new players and experienced players. As of today, Respawn Entertainment implemented their smart player match in Attrition and Hardpoint. Trying to pinpoint how good a player is though can’t exactly be done by a computer. If someone isn’t paying attention they aren’t going to be doing as good which will cause them to get with the worse players, then they start paying attention and the game has to put him back to where he was. It’s an interesting concept but a hard one to fully implement. The other thing they do is add the AI grunts and specters to the matches. With these, a player that isn’t as good and has a hard time killing other players can still earn points for their team by killing the AI spread across the map. It’s a good concept, but allowing a team to win based off the ability to only go after bots isn’t exactly fair in a game that focuses on balance.
The graphics aren’t superior to other games on the market right now, but that’s not the problem with them. The occasional screen tear and frame rate drops were the only two graphical problems I encountered during my play session. While being minor and scarce occasions, they still lower the value of the gameplay. There is also the occasional lag, though whether it’s being caused by the cloud or the individuals connection is hard to determine. My own connection only seemed to drop on rare occasions, normally during primetime use and while I was doing multiple things on the same connection.
                My final determination of the game is that Respawn almost completed what they tried to. They wanted to create an immerse online multiplayer shooter that had a campaign dictated by the players, whether they win or lose. The story wasn’t as immerse as it could have been, but for those that paid attention to the story, they discovered there was more to the game then just shooting everyone up. The campaign didn’t change based off the players winning or losing, no matter what, the end game was the same. Forcing people to play through the campaign to fully unlock everything isn’t something I enjoyed, but it also wasn’t something horrible that was impossible to complete to unlock the other two Titans. The final decision? A definite buy on sale. The game brought what it said it would, just not in its entirety.

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